Under Water Repairs

Nature's forces of deterioration are constant and unrelenting. Now here is this fact more evident than in marine environments, where corrosion, wave action, marine organisms and other forces are perpetually at work. The impact of deterioration can range between mere aesthetic issues to the general serviceability of a structure, including loss of section and reduced load bearing capacity. Severe deterioration can even result in the abandonment of a structure.

On a variety of marine and industrial structures like:
  • Bridges
  • Offshore oil and gas structures
  • Dams
  • Wharves
  • Piers
  • Pipelines
  • Chemical process facilities

For all the above listed, we at

Tristar offer following solutions:
  • Advanced pile encapsulation
  • Jacketing with micro concrete
  • Patch repair
  • Cavity filling
List of Project:
  • Reliance Dahej Port-Gujarat.

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