Specialised Infrastructure

The Group has a strong brand and name in the Specialised Infrastructure sector of the Country and has successfully undertaken and executed prestigious projects in the field of Waterproofing, Expansion Joints, Roofing, Repair and Rehabilitation of DAM and Tunnels across India & Bhutan. The group also offers specialised

Solutions in the field of repair & Inspection Of underwater structure, Jetties & Off shore rigs. We possess a fleet of underwater remotely operated vehicles to add to our capabilities

Over the years we have built excellent partnerships with various multinationals globally and as a result our business has grown many folds with our transparent & committed approach.

The group is dedicated to raising standards in construction industry since its inception (year 1999). The company has made an unmatched contribution to Civil Engineering projects and setting landmarks around the country in widely divergent areas as Energy, Hydro Power, Defence, Commercial & Industrial Buildings, Group Housing. Various Infrastructure projects that our group excellently executed are the Airports, Metro, Roads, Jetties, Ports, Irrigation, Education, Health care and other sectors

  • Waterproofing
  • Installation of Geomembranes
  • Water Repellent & Anti Graffiti Treatment
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Expansion Joints, Control Joints & Fire barriers
  • Roofing
  • Seismic Retro fitment & Structural Repair
  • Dam & Tunnel Repair
  • Specialized solutions for mines
  • Under Water Repairs
  • Under Water Inspection
  • Control Dismantling
  • Hydrodemolition