Defence Contracting

Tristar is one of the renowned Business House in the field of defence infrastructure. Over the years we have provided remarkable solutions for the Indian Defence Industry. Our main areas of activities include the following

  • Narrow Band Signal Analysis System.
  • Jamming & Spoofing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & Drones.
  • Wide Band Signal Analysis System.
  • Surveillance Receivers
  • Open Source Intelligence Gathering System.
  • EMI/ EMC system Military standard and Civilian Standard.
  • Satellite Monitoring & Imaging System.
  • Passive and Active Electronic Warfare & Monitoring Systems.
  • Body Protection Gear, Bullet Proof Jackets, Helmets and Night Vision Solutions.
  • Supply and Refurbishment of Radars and Surveillance Equipment.
  • Supply of Spare Parts, Maintenance and Refurbishment of all kinds of Defense Equipment.